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ServSafe® Managers Training Course

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Developed by regulatory and industry veterans as a training program.


ServSafe is the official program of the National Restaurant Association.


Over 5 million certificates awarded. And peace of mind to millions more.

Our Mission

To provide the foodservice industry with concise, targeted and effective training by utilizing the ServSafe® Food Safety Guidelines.

The effective implementation of the Food Safety Program presented in this class identifies the key risk factors to protect your customers and your operation from foodborne illnesses. By equipping your staff with the awareness of personal hygiene, time and temperature control, proper food storage, proper cleaning and sanitation and cross-contamination prevention, you are giving your staff the knowledge to run a food-safe operation.
The ServSafe Manager 6th Edition Course Book with the FDA 2013 Food Code Update is included in course fee. This comprehensive volume is the most trusted and complete source for the ServSafe® Managers Certification. Now in its 6th edition, it includes the latest FDA Food Code and is valued at $70. Course participants will be mailed a copy for home study prior to class and is yours to keep as reference.

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